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About Us

Our Story

History of the company
Box o’ Bliss was established in 2017 with a simple goal - to provide customers residing in the United States with premium, trendy items from Korea through secure and prompt international shipping.
Our headquarter is located in the heart of Seoul city - Teheran-ro 87, Gangnam and all of our products are shipped directly from our warehouse in Incheon.

The meaning of Box o' Bliss

“I received a package from my mom while studying abroad all on my own in America. I was only a junior in high school back then and just seeing her handwriting on the invoice got me teared up.
The box itself was quite heavy and carefully packed with all of my favorite things - monaka, milk candies, instant rice and red chili paste, cute socks and pjs, a teddy bear and lastly, a hand-written letter from my mom.
I still remember crying for hours on my bed after opening up this care package, thinking of how heavy-hearted my mom must have felt while picking out all these gifts one by one.
In the midst of feeling restless from constantly having to act brave to hide my homesickness, I felt a warm, cozy familiarity of home for a second with this box - my own Box o’ Bliss.
To send good Korean products along with a little piece of home to those still missing Korea while living abroad in America, that is our purpose and happiness at Box o’ Bliss.”

Our Curations

Box o’ Bliss offers a wide variety of goods from more than 70 brands,
ranging from traditional Korean brands with over 50 years of history to
new and upcoming brands that are currently trending with all generations.

Our Shipping

All of our international shipping orders are handled by Deleo Korea, Box o’ Bliss’ parent company.
Deleo ensures a competitive edge in cross-border logistics with the optimization of logistics process with solid partnerships with leading global logistics companies, including USPS (United States Postal Service).
Deleo - KakaoPay - Lotte Global Logistics together established JV(EasyGo) and released ‘KakaoPay Shipping’, a convenient and easy-to-use personal delivery service for the entire nation.
Deleo continues to utilize its IT platform and solid partnerships with global courier companies to provide a reliable logistics solution.